Sets Motor Pump with 220 / 380V or 380 / 660V- 440V or 220/380 / 660V, Frequency 60 or 50 Hz, Rotations ll Poles 3500 RPM, IV poles- 1750 RPM, Protection class IP 55, Power 1 / 4 to 500 CV, assembled following the strictest criteria of quality, safety, ease of operation and displacement. Mounted on Fixed Base or Trailer of 2/4 wheels, with roof, Trailer Towbar, Movable or fixed axles, Protector Coupling and pressure gauge.


Exclusive Escorva JIMENEZ with electric gun, JIMENEZ coupling or others. Exclusive Pressure Exit with Swivel Hitch that facilitates installation a lot. Exclusive Quick Hitch JIMENEZ for Suction for quick installation and uninstallation.


Motor Pump Diesel set