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Jimenez Motores e Irrigação was founded by the brothers Antônio Basílio Jimenez Filho and Laércio Machado Jimenez in 1978, operating in the field of irrigation and fluid repression, where pumping systems, power generation and piping are applied, whether in the agricultural, industrial, mining and sanitation.


It has consolidated itself in the market due to the high quality of its products, industrial technological innovations and its excellence in customer service, from the preparation of projects to the final delivery of contracted products and services in the field.


Jimenez has always had trained and specialized professional collaborators, in constant improvement of their skills, seeking to serve in a differentiated way, seeking the best solution for each problem, with maximum quality and safety.


In the market for over 45 years, it has been developing and improving a manufacturing portfolio of products such as: zinc-plated steel and aluminum tubes and connections, diesel and electric motor pump sets, diesel generator sets, parts in zinc-plated steel and aluminum for various applications from conventional and drip irrigation, mining and sanitation. And its most recent project is the development of a central pivot, and spare parts for pivots, further expanding its range of products with a focus on irrigation.

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Seek and deliver agro-industrial infrastructure and support solutions for irrigation of various crops, mining and sanitation.

Be recognized as the most reliable, versatile and high-quality company in the irrigation business in the country.

Ethics, responsibility, commitment, agility,

flexibility, transparency and quality.

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